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Kuang Si Waterfall

Kuangsi waterfall.jpg

At the very bottom of the falls, there are several turquoise pools of water and various cascades of up to 3-5 meters. Most of the pools are open for swimming, though the water is a bit cold, as this area is shaded by big trees. This makes the falls a popular cool-off place among locals and tourists alike during the hot season.  
 Bring your swimming equipment, there are changing facilities. Picnic benches are all around the park. Perfect for a relaxing family outing and picnic. Sitting in the shade watching people enjoy swimming or jumping up and down in the pools can be much enjoyable. Try it yourself

In the same area and included in your entry ticket (20,000 LAK per person) there is as well a bear rescue center which is lovely to see. In case you like butterflies, you must see the Butterfly Park which is just 3 minutes away from the falls.

Tad Sea Waterfall

Tas sae Waterfall.JPG

Tat Sae is at about 18 kilometers from Luang Prabang, going south to Vientiane. Not visited as much by tourists as other places, there are a lot of young Laotians who bathe fully clothed in the summer. They bathe fully clothed so as to avoid any problems with suggestive underwear.The waterfall, even though it is not in such a splendid setting as the one at Kouangsi, has more going for it in the way of amusements, offering numerous pools in ‘stairs’. There are many uses made of this waterfall, including “hydro massaging of the back”, the surroundings are perfect for this. You must pay en entrance fee after having taken a small motor-boat to pass the Nam Khan River (tributary of the Mekong). For couple of years, Tad sea became a little "elephant center" where you can meet and see elephants. Tours are available, from travel agencies, tour companies, or even local people.

FYI, the level of water is more unequal than Kuangsi Waterfall

Manda Lao : Elephant Sanctuary


'MandaLao is an elephant rescue opened in November 2016 and is located 25 mins from Luang Parbang in the village of Ban Xieng Lom. We are the first and only non-riding elephant experience in Luang Parbang. We have 8 adult female elephants and one 2 year old baby boy Kit. Mandalao is here help visitors connect with elephants in the most natural way possible in elephant tourism today. Their tours focus on education, elephant welfare and provide trekking in a small group in the jungle with elephants. They preserve and protect both domesticated elephants and those who remain in the wild. We do this through responsible tourism, education, and sustainable relationships with the local community.'

Elephant Conservation Center of Sayaboury


The Elephant Conservation Center, located in Sayaboury in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, acts to preserve and protect the Asian elephant, a species that is on its way to extinction. Created in 2011 by a team of experts, its program is set up around the wellbeing of the animal, the reproduction, vet care, and the schooling of mahouts.

The Center only welcomes elephants that have been working in the logging industry or mass tourism., but there are also some elephants that were born because of the Baby Bonus programme, which was set up by the Center. Their herd, today about 30 elephants big, can enjoy 530 hectares of protected forest.

Committed more generally to substantive work for the preservation of Asian elephants, the Center offers new working conditions to mahouts and new breeding opportunities for their elephants. Through several projects, it has the opportunity to inform the disadvantaged populations of the country, which traditionally live from the work of elephants.

Living Farm

Living farm.jpg

This unique half day activity invites you on an in-depth and hands-on learning experience, where you will participate in 14 steps of the rice cycle on The Living Land Farm. You will be a rice farmer learning how to select the seeds, plant, plough with the help of the farm’s water buffalo and every other step until the last one - eating! 
The Living Land Farm, a community enterprise just outside of Luang Prabang, maintains educational programs and professional organic farming right next to the village’s rice paddies. Only small groups are able to join the interactive rice farming experience – either in the morning or afternoon. With your participation you support locals, maintaining their crafts in their traditional forms. You will see and learn about bamboo weaving, tool and trap making, gardening and even blacksmithing.

Nam Dong Park


Tucked in the mountains of Luang Prabang, Nahm Dong Park spans across 14 hectares of breathtaking valleys, a waterfall and lush landscapes and gardens dotted with picnic spots and ethnic houses. Not only are you immersed with this beautiful greenery that is easy to navigate, but you are also in a self-sustaining destination. Nahm Dong offer to the visitor, a tree top walk, a zipline course, some workshops on mulberry paper, bamboo weaving, Hmong embroidery, cooking classes, camping and hiking.

Only 10km from city centre. Shuttle available twice per day.

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