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We recognize the environmental impact our business could have. We are committed to operating the hotel in a way that ensures environmental sustainability to the best of our ability.

We are proud recipients of The MARK, which is a UNIDO program for clean and safe dining, and safe environmental practices in Luang Prabang.

Some of the initiatives that we have initiated are:


Food waste goes to a local pig farmer.


Our vegetable supplier uses hotel cane baskets to transport vegetable items from market to hotel. This initiative replaces a large amount of plastic bags, and educates our suppliers regarding the overuse of plastic bags.

Families of staff are given vegetable and herb seeds to grow and then sell to the hotel when harvested.

Local produce and produce ‘in season’ is purchased wherever possible. We have no seafood, and very limited imported meat on our menu, therefor minimizing our level of transportation carbon emissions.

We purchase drinking water and ice from the only producer of drinking water from Luang Prabang

Guests are encouraged to buy stainless steel water bottles and refill from our complimentary water dispenser in our lobby and gym, under the initiative of ‘Refill not Landfill’. Alternately, guests can re-fill plastic water bottles from the same dispenser.

Vinegar is used to sanitize surfaces instead of chemical products

Plastic  bottles, aluminums cans, paper and cardboard are recycled.

‘Ring-pulls’ from drink cans are collected for the manufacture of prosthetic limbs.


Guest room electricity usage is activated via a key card.

Low energy lightbulbs are used wherever possible.

There is a preventative maintenance program for all electrical and water systems to maximize efficiency, and minimize over use.

Power and water consumption is regularly monitored to ensure maximum efficiency.

Cloth bags manufactured locally from old linen are used for guest laundry service, and laundered items are returned in a locally crafted cane basket.

Ceramic liquid soap and shampoo dispensers are used in guest rooms.

Guests are invited to participate in energy saving practices, including minimizing towel laundering, air conditioner, light and appliance usage.

Pandan and lemon grass leaves are harvested from our gardens, placed in a locally crafted cane basket and used in rooms as air freshener instead of chemical aerosols

Hotel manufactures its own surface cleaner from lemon grass grown on site, and eucalyptus oil


Garden waste is mulched at our orange tree plantation.

Outside lights are turned off wherever possible. This practice is adjusted to match the seasons.

A green canopy in staff area is being established for sun protection aiding staff comfort. This canopy bears fruit and flowers that are used in many hotel applications

Our indoor pot plants are taken outside for a drink when it rains, instead of using town water.

There is a strong ‘no smoking in public areas’ policy to protect guests and staff from passive smoking.

Organic fertilizer is used to feed plants

Pandan and lemon grass leaves are harvested from our gardens, placed in a locally crafted cane basket and used in rooms as air freshener instead of chemical aerosols

During dry periods plants are manually watered in the evening to maximize effect and minimize evaporation

Fruit trees and vines have been planted on site to provide fruit for kitchen use, including jam production

Flowering plants have been propagated on site to supply decoration in hotel areas


Guests are encouraged to use complimentary bicycles or walk to nearby attractions. Maps indicating these attractions are free

Guest information desk only displays either charities or attractions and businesses that practice sustainable tourism, and who assist Luang Prabang families

Items for sale are all natural and locally crafted

The tours and activities that we recommend are all sympathetic and socially and economically empowering to the local population.


The buying of plastic bags into the hotel has been banned. We are actively devising ways to utilize natural products as solutions to operate our hotel. Plastic bag usage is limited and we re-use plastic bags that delivered items arrive in whenever possible.

Locally crafted cane baskets are used  by staff members to transfer items around the hotel

Documents are printed on both sides of A4 paper.

Computers and other electrical appliances are turned off when not in use.

Recycled items are stored in recycled mesh netting before dispatch, not plastic bags.

Sanakeo Boutique Hotel actively donate items and resources to city authorities including UNESCO for a cleaner Luang Prabang.

Staff are educated and trained in environmental awareness practices.

Staff attend a monthly "Clean up Luang Prabang' initiative by local hoteliers and restauranteurs

Staff are continually trained in environmental issues

We have an active limited use of hotel vehicles for hotel businesses. Errands are consolidated to minimize vehicle emissions.


We aim to continually minimize our carbon footprint. In the future these are some of the initiatives we will be pursuing:

Provide guests with complimentary stainless steel drinking bottles for refilling

Eliminate plastic bottled water from our hotel

Provide guests with complimentary cloth shopping bags to store their purchases, and encourage guests to refuse plastic bags from local souvenir vendors

Change swimming pool sanitation from chlorine to salt

Add aquatic snails and fish to control algal growth and insect larvae in hotel Lilly ponds

Develop a small in-room video to outline respectful tourism for visitors to Luang Prabang. This video will include aspects of sustainable tourism and environmental sustainability









Environmental policy

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